Saturn Has A Ball Pit

Entry for the Sundance London Festival Short Film Competition.

Elaine can’t concentrate on anything, she just drifts from day to day carrying a sadness that won’t yield to time. It takes an encounter with the least sympathetic person in the world before she can understand that her sorrow is partly-self inflicted.



i helped shoot this fun video – Powder Paint!

just a bit of fun…

VMS short “Fatal Connection” – watch it now!


VMS film – now editing..

Why So Low – music video now online!

a lonely cup.. [click to view]

“DUO SAVE THE PECKISH” – extended version now online

HOT AIR – Click to view 40 second short film

This film has been nominated in the Direct Line / Raindance “40 Seconds Straight ” film competition for the People`s Choice Award. The most views on YouTube wins – so please view!

M&S video work now online – click logo to view..

RUN BABY RUN – official music video – click image to view

SPACE ODDITY VIDEO – click to view on youtube

check this link to see a viral video that i shot:

Picture 6